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How to make an appointment?

Your message should contain the following information:

1. What do you want to do (photos / pictures of the desired tattoo)
2. Size (in cm)
3. Where do you want to have it (desired place of tattoo)?

How old should i be?

What is the price for the tattoo?

The tattoo price range starts from 1 500 Kč. If it's possible to apply a tattoo in a single procedure, it's price will be counted depending on the size, place of application, detailing and complexity of sketching. You can always consult us by contacting us in the social networks or by making a call.

How to take care of the freshly made tattoo?

Healing time?

Healing time is an individual thing, but, usually, in takes approximately 2 weeks — 1 month. Complete healing comes after a month after the procedure, when the tattoo is no longer relief and the skin becomes smooth.

Payment methods

We accept both cash and bank transfers.

Do i need to make a prepayment?

Yes. We take a prepayment inthe amount of 1 000 Kč. You can make it either by cash in our salon or by a bank transfer. Prepayment is included in the price of your tattoo session and will not be refunded in the case of no-show.

Prepayment it is for booking the exact time of procedure. It is your guaranty that this date and time will be only yours.

What do i need to bring?

Your passport or any other ID card, so that we could be sure that you're at least 18 years old. Otherwise, we might cancel the appointment. You'll also have to sign a protocol, in which you confirm that you're sane and under no pressure, that you have no infectious diseases, allergies, etc.

How to get ready for the procedure?

Before arriving for the tattoo, please wash the place of tattoo with a body scrub or any other peeling gel. Thеn you should shave the place of the future tattoo. We also recommend that you have a nice meal and a good sleep before coming for the procedure. You should also refuse drinking alcohol 24 hours in advance. We recommend that you wear loose and comfortable clothes so that the tattoo won't get rubbed.

What about sterility?

We guarantee a 100% safety of the procedure. Every day, 2 hours before opening, a complete cleaning procedure is taking place. We also disinfect all surfaces and instruments. All working places are treated with express-antiseptic. All needles are used just once and are opened in front of you, so is the color. After every procedure master treats her working place with an express-antiseptic.

Tattoo correction

If you need to correct your tattoo - in the first month after the tattoo was made - it is free of charge. I give my permission to placing my photos for advertising purpose.